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Global Machinery Auctions is the foremost leader and global partner in the sale and purchase of heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, oilfield equipment, real estate, aircrafts, and other valuable commercial assets. From rigs to land, our team at Global Machinery Auctions can connect you with the right buyer or seller today!

Global Machinery Auctions

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Selling used equipment as a business owner can be a tricky. In today’s economic climate, it can be difficult to find the right buyer that will purchase your equipment for the price it deserves. And if a qualified buyer is found, the process of shipping heavy equipment can be tiring. Global Machinery Auctions can provide the shipping and selling services you need to ensure your equipment is sold fast, refurbished if needed, to get top dollar so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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As a buyer, it can be very difficult to find equipment that meets your needs. It’s not easy to find heavy equipment and parts to fit the project, budget, and quality assured. Our detailed and user-friendly catalogue will help you to navigate, and you can break down your unique search to find exactly what piece of equipment you need.

How our auctions work

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Register in our auction for free and browse the listings. All inventory in our auction is quality equipment as we are a niche business who only sell quality wholesale equipment.
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Start Bidding

Once our auction has started, you can start bidding in our live or timed auction. Global’s quality assets are sold both from our yard as well as our customers so remember to review & verify unit location for shipping.

Why you should join our auction

At Global Machinery Auctions, we only sell quality wholesale equiupment, trucks, trailers, oilfield equipment, and etc. Anything in our auction is always pre-inspected and refurbed (if needed) and then it enters our auction which means, anything you buy from us, is ready to go to work.