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In house financing


In house financing


In house financing


In house financing

In house financing


Global Machinery Financing services offers you a variety of financial solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Global Financial Has You Covered

At Global Financial, we allow you to pay a set amount for a fixed period of time. Whether it’s $5k or $5 mil, we have you covered! Don’t be shy, ask about our fixed-term loans today!
24-84 Month Terms

24-84 month term

24-84 Month Terms

Competitive Rates

24-84 Month Terms

Finance and Lease option is good

Fixed Term Loans

At Global, you can finance or lease any heavy duty equipment, trucks, trailers, etc. Contact us and let’s get started with the cycle of savings and profitability.






Some of What We Finance and Lease:

  • Heavy Equipment Finance

  • Construction Equipment Finance

  • Oilfield Equipment Finance

  • Heavy Duty Truck Finance

  • Heavy Duty Trailer Finance

  • Crane Financing

  • Mining Equipment finance

  • Farm Equipment Finance

Get to know your financing options

Pre-Approved Financing

Pre-Approved Financing

With our pre-approved financing, pay only what you borrow from a flexible credit line of $6k-$50k. We don’t mind being generous, because you deserve it!


If we sell it Global Financial can help you buy it

If we sell it, Global Financial can help you buy it

We are here to help! We specialize in competitive rates and terms to meet our client’s needs every time. Our industry knowledge and experience combined with our innovative approach make Global Financial your best source of energy-related financing. We believe in putting our customers first, and you can take that to the bank.


Open a Line of Credit

Open a Line of Credit

A line of credit will be valuable to you if you do not have time for the initial credit approval process. Once your line of credit is established, you can use it to plan a technological upgrade, an expansion in operations, and scheduled replacement of key equipment types or models that need regular replacement because of heavy use. There are so many ways of using a line of credit.Global Financial specializes in lines of credit from $50,000.00 to $50,000,000.00 for the acquisition of most office, production, manufacturing, oil, and gas equipment as well as specialty products that you may require.

We offer:

  • Preferred Rates

  • No waiting time for processing of applications

  • Monthly listing of all leases

  • Pre-Authorized Payments

  • Dealing with one leasing company

  • No service charges

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Global Financial is designed for Canadian oil and gas explorers, producers, and service companies as well. Global Financial provides creative financial solutions for energy-related capital projects, including term loans, capital, and operating leases with fixed or floating rates.

Capital is provided for financing and leasing the following:

  • Natural Gas Gathering and Processing Facilities

  • Oil Production, Processing, and Transportation Facilities

  • Cogeneration Facilities

  • Seismic and Safety Equipment

  • Drilling, Wireline, Frac, Maintenance, Construction Equipment

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