Global Bulletproof Assurance

Global Bulletproof Assurance

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Global Bulletproof Assurance

Global Bulletproof Assurance™, you know you are purchasing with confidence

Look for our Bulletproof Assurance ™ Equipment Condition Certification on the machine you want to acquire.

Bulletproof Assurance ™ Equipment Condition

Buy with assurance that our Equipment has been given a detailed inspection by one of our industry’s experts. One of our inspectors has directly visited the unit, taken pictures and completed a wide-range inspection of all significant systems and components.

What you receive in the inspection report is what you have purchased. If the unit you have acquired and received is not in the condition depicted in our inspection report, please contact us WITHIN 3 business days in receipt of the unit.

Applicable dispute claims will be handled in a mutual beneficial approach. For questions about our Global Bulletproof Assurance™ or to file a claim,

please contact office, Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Mountain Standard Time), at +1(780)670-2009.

Inspection Certification

Global Bulletproof Assurance™ Inspection Certification in an Equipment listing, a general condition inspection of the Equipment was performed and an Inspection Report was created, including but not limited to, ratings, comments, and photos of the various components of the Equipment.

Global Machinery Auctions Inspection Reports are solely for the purpose of:

  • reporting on the visible condition of the Equipment’s major systems and attachments on the day of the Inspection
  • do not include testing or digging/lifting or the cycle of operation of a machine or other device which operates intermittently rather than continuously.
  • not intended to detect latent or hidden defects or conditions that could only be found by stripping down the Equipment or use of special diagnostic equipment or techniques.

In no event will Global Machinery Auctions be liable for not identifying those or any other defects.

The Inspection Report is the sole property of Global Machinery Auctions and is for the buyer’s personal use only and may not be displayed, published, sold, reproduced, circulated, or otherwise distributed by the buyer, agent and/or representatives, without the prior written permission and approval from Global Machinery Auctions.

Global Bullet Proof Assurance

Global Bullet Proof Assurance™

Under the Global Bulletproof Assurance™ Inspection Certification program, if the buyer discovers that a piece of Equipment purchased is not considerably in the condition as signified in the Inspection Report and you are within the Eligible Dispute Period specified below, you may contact Global Machinery Auctions and submit a written dispute (“Dispute Claim”). To be ruminated, the Dispute Claim must be:

  • In writing
  • Within the allotted Dispute Period
  • Sent into Global Machinery Auctions as specified herein, and
  • Meet the Dispute criteria below

A deductible in the amount of $700.00 in the listing currency will be applied to any settlement of a Dispute Claim.



  • Proof of full payment of the Transaction Fee, the Final Selling Price, and any associated taxes.
  • Supporting documents may be requested to process or verify a Dispute Claim. All requested documents must be returned within five (5) business days from the date the initial request is sent from Global Machinery Auctions.
  • Requested documents returned after five (5) business days could potentially delay resolutions, late fees (not to exceed $700.00 in the listing currency), or possible denial of Dispute Claim.
  • For export items, Dispute Claims must be commenced and settled prior to export.
  • Ownership of the Equipment must not have been transferred to another buyer, agent and/or representative.
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Eligibility Period For Dispute

For a Dispute Claim to be considered, without penalty, you must review the Equipment and submit a Dispute Claim prior to the first occurrence of any of the following:

  • Lapse of Time – Fifteen (15) business days after the date of the sale
  • Transporting Equipment (e.g. vehicles or self-transported items) – The moment the Equipment leaves the Seller’s location, the buyer, agent and/or representatives, are encouraged to thoroughly examine the Equipment prior to removing it from the location.
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Resolution of Equipment and Dispute Claims

Global Machinery Auctions shall be solely responsible for the review and decision of any Dispute Claims. All determinations made by Global Machinery Auctions shall be final. In the event of a refund to the Buyer, relating to a Dispute Claim, Global Machinery Auctions will submit all funds in the manner in which the Buyer, Agent or Representative submitted payment (i.e. – wire transfer to account or refund on credit card).Any Dispute Claim to Global Machinery Auctions, Inc., Global Machinery Auctions Canada Ltd., Global Machinery Auctions Limited, Global Machinery Auctions UK Limited, MUST be in writing and must be sent via email to

Terms And Conditions

Global Bulletproof Assurance™ PolicyAll matters relating to Global Bulletproof Assurance™ are controlled by the terms of this Global Bulletproof Assurance Policy, and by the Buyers Terms and Conditions. Global Machinery Auctions provides the Global Bulletproof Assurance™ Policy, to enlighten you of your policies and procedures about the Equipment that has been inspected and received the Global Bulletproof Assurance™ Certification.