CAT 621B Scraper Specs 

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Caterpillar 621B Motor Scraper Specs and Dimensions That You Should Know.

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Caterpillar 621B Motor Scraper Engine Specifications

  • Make: Caterpillar
  • Model: 3406
  • Power Measured: 1900rpm
  • Displacement: 891cu in
  • Net Power: 330hp

Caterpillar 621B Motor Scraper Dimensions

  • Overall Length: 41.67ft in
  • Overall Width: 11.32ft in
  • Overall Height: 11.91ft in
  • Wheelbase: 25.33ft in

CAT 621B Specs and Performance

  • Fuel Capacity: 135gal
  • Tire Size: 29.5-29 28PR (E-3)
  • Max Speed Forward: 29.9mph
  • Number Of Forward Gears: 8
  • Total Operating – Empty: 66590.7lb
  • Total Operating – Loaded: 114585.3lb
  • Front Axel – Loaded: 63021.4lb
  • Heaped Capacity: 20.1yd3
  • Rated Payload: 47994.7lb
  • Struck Capacity: 14yd3
  • Max Depth Of Cut: 13.4in
  • Width Of Cut: 10ft in

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