Global Machinery Auctions | Tips to Selling Equipment

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A step-by-step guide on selling heavy-duty equipment on online globally.

While many heavy equipment sellers look to online advertising, there are a few mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Never settle for less than your machinery is worth. If you’re selling heavy machinery online, these are the tips you NEED to know to get top dollar and find the buyers in the field.

  1. Don’t Estimate Worth
    Make sure you find out exactly what your equipment is worth so you can accurately negotiate and won’t get taken advantage of when the time comes to sell. You can gauge the worth of your equipment using this free infographic.
  2. Do Your Research
    There are many different types of selling methods to choose from for selling large machinery. Do your research and makes sure you know which method works best for the type of equipment you would like to sell. Typical options range from auctions to brokers and dealers.
  3. Trust The Professionals
    Reaching out to an auction site such as Global Machinery Auctions can give you insight into how much your pieces may be worth and ensure your listing will reach potential buyers. Instead of randomly sending listings, a professional team will use marketing strategies to ensure sales.
  4. Tax Cuts
    If you are selling within the U.S. then you may be eligible for deferred taxes through Like-Kind Exchange. If you replace your sold equipment with similar or replacement models, you should be able to use this tax break.
  5. Make Friends
    When you find an agreeable buyer that pays on time, establish a connection for future purchases. While it might seem everyone in this field knows each other, there are probably a few new friends you can make along the way.

For more information on the professionals that can save you time and money, check out for listings and incredible sales.