Global Machinery | Missing Mark When Selling Privately

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For those who sell heavy machinery and equipment, knowing the right place and time to sell can be imperative. Most sellers that choose private sales are victims of ads that don’t reach the right audience or buyers that won’t pay what the equipment is worth. While the problem lies within how advertising agencies distribute these types of ads, there is a simpler solution.

Public Auction

Instead of missing the mark depending on unreliable advertising, turn to Global Machinery Auctions. With no buyer’s fees, no listing fees, and absolutely no hidden fees, selling heavy equipment has never been easier.

Global Machinery Auctions target specific buyers through:

  • Email campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Radio
  • Direct mail
  • PR
  • Complimentary listings online
  • And calls

By using every outlet possible, buyers flock to GMA and sales go through the roof. While listing privately and depending on randomized ads to reach potential buyers, the risk of missing high paying individuals is probable. Don’t leave sales up to chance, instead choose a reliable professional team to handle marketing completely.

Start Today

For the easiest buying or selling of oilfield, construction, or heavy equipment, there is no better choice than a commercial auction through Global Machinery Auctions. Complete with photos, sales prices, and description, buyers will be better informed and willing to buy based on worth.

Don’t wait to ditch selling equipment the old way. It’s time to step into the future and receive the full worth of heavy equipment sales. At Global Machinery Auctions, the possibilities of what you can sell are endless. Ask about the many different listings by visiting